Reject any Megadeal - It's Not Good for the U.S. and it's Sure Not Good for People of the Middle East

Nov. 1   Saudis say they are still interested in the deal.  Why should a mere 3,000 dead Palestinian children be a barrier to Saudi prestige and a nuclear bomb?

In contrast Bolivia, which has a bit less money than the Saudi regime broke relations with Israel today.

We oppose the "megadeal" that President Biden is creating with Saudi Arabia and Israel

1.  Saudi Arabia is an absolute monarchy which has a horrific human rights record.

2. Its ruler wants permission for a nuclear program which would help it develop nuclear bombs.  If the Saudis get them Iran will develop them and so will Turkey and Egypt.  The U.S. is supposed to stand against all that.  It even signed a treaty on the matter.

3. As seen by Russian conduct in Ukraine, nuclear power plants are not respected by parties at war.  Catastrophic radiation leaks may result during fighting. 

4. Saudi Arabia attacked Yemenis in 2015 with warfare that has not yet ended, and which caused hundreds of thousands of deaths.

5. A recent report by Human Rights Watch told how Saudi forces killed hundreds trying to emigrate into the country.  They were just shot down.

6. The Israeli government, widely viewed as establishing apartheid, is moving rapidly to take away more democratic rights and its heading towards theocracy.

7. Hundreds of thousands of Israeli citizens demonstrate each weekend in protest.

8. Dreadful crimes are committed daily against Palestinians by Netanyahu's government.  In 2023 as of September 48 Palestinian children have been killed.


#NoMegadeal    #NoMoreNuclearStates     #NoDefenseOfTyranny    #NoSupport4Netanyahu


If you or your group want to organize to fight the Megadeal contact.....


Articles and Tweets about this (not necessarily from supporters of this campaign)

TSVN interview October 6 with security analyst Joe Cirincione.   See his article 5 sections down.


Oct. 6 See his excellent comments by clicking here.



Oct 4.

20 Senators Set Terms for a Deal.  Here they are.  Inadequate!!!   NO DEAL.



Two dozen nuclear experts send a warning.


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Oh yes, it's just for civilian purposes, so they said.  Read the article in Foreign Policy.

Hope Senator Murphy will stick with the sentiments in his tweet below:



Click here for the article in the Israeli paper Haaretz.  


Click here for the article.  The foundation that organized the letter is right-wing and known for its "pro-Israel" views, but its arguments are worth reading.


Click here for the article in Israeli newspaper Haaretz


Click here for the article in Israeli newspaper Haaretz




A good resolution introduced by Senator Chris Murphy in March.  Senators Sanders is a new supporter

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